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Advance map is how to hack the maps of your Pokemon Roms. you can change the map, make warps, edit sprites, edit the weather, edit the name, and you can even edit what wild Pokemon you want in that area, and you can set the level of the Pokemon. you can have kanto, Jhoto, and Hoen Pokemon. also if you set grass in the towns you can find wild Pokemon there. like for instances i have some wild pokemon in littleroot town pretty cool huh. you can download it here advance map free download . now in order to edit the maps from advance map you must first open your Pokemon ruby ROM, then extract the file. (for some reason you have to extract i have no idea why). now that you've extracted the file open your advance map, now click open in the top left hand corner of advance map. then find your Pokemon ruby ROM, double click the extracted file it will freeze but don't worry when advance map freezes that means that its loading. now when its done loading double click "from header". now double click on the 0. then find the town or route you want to edit and well start editing. also the other numbers you can click on them but there mostly the inside of houses but not all of them are so explore!!!!!!!

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